Homebrew Beer Brewing Water Manifold

The Water Manifold

Water Manifold

Water Manifold

The homebrew beer water manifold serves to distribute water from a single source hose. With a twist of the far left ball valve, water is sent to a carbon filtration unit and then to a copper hook that hangs on the edge of the homebrew beer brewing Boil Kettle. The second valve sends water to the cooling coil submersed in the Boil Kettle. The third valve goes to a hose for general purpose use during the brewing process. All brass parts in this manifold have been treated with a Pickling Solution in order to remove possible surface lead. It is amazing what an added convenience it is to create a manifold such as this one. By having the ability to route water from a single source point and distribute it to various use points, an amazing amount of time can be saved. I can use filtered water for purposes where this option is necessary and non-filtered water for uses that don’t require it. Utilizing the water in this way can definitely add to the life of the water filtration system. I highly recommend this brewery feature!

The Beer Brewing Water Purifier

Water Purifier

Water Filter

One of the most important features of my beer brewing setup is the incorporation of a water filter.  It is fed from the Water Distribution Manifold above and is used to filter all water that will be used in the brewing process with the exception of the water used to cool the beer at the end of the boiling process.  I noticed a definite improvement in the flavor of my finished product after I began using this device.