Homebrew Beer Brewing Kegs

5 Liter Mini-Kegs

Mini Keg

5L Mini-Keg

One of my favorite ways of packaging my homebrew beer is to transfer it from one of my fermenters into 5L Mini Kegs.  These kegs are much easier to use than filling 53 bottles.  I just prime each one with about 1 3/4 tablespoons of corn sugar, transfer my beer into them, and cap them with pressure relief bungs.  I let them sit for approximately 2 weeks to carbonate and then I use a Philtap to tap each keg.  The Philtap is very economical and it only requires one 12 gram Carbon Dioxide Cartridge to dispense each keg.  The other advantage to the Philtap is that it allows you to dispense the homebrew beer brewing Mini Keg while it is sitting on its side which makes it easy to fit into any refrigerator.

5 Gallon Beer Brewing Cornelius Kegs

Two Cornelius Kegs

5 Gal Cornelius Kegs

These have become my new favorite means of packaging my homebrew beer.  They are convenient, easy to clean, and have the advantage of being able to be force carbonated.  They allow me to have greater control over the carbonation level in the beer and also allow me to have a more convenient means of dispensing it. View my Kegerator page for more information on the cornelius Keg dispensing system I have built.  I plan to provide more information on the care and maintenance of these kegs on this page in the future.