Beer Style Bitterness Chart

Beer StyleIBU

Altbier Hybrid*24-30
American Dark Lager14-20
American Lager5-15
American Light Lager8-17
American Premium Lager13-23
American Wheat10-17
Barley Wine50-100
Belgian Brown Ale15-25
Belgian Dubbel10-25
Belgian Tripels14-25
Berliner Weisse3-6
Bitter, Extra Special30-35
Bitter, Ordinary20-25
Bock Lager25-28
Bock, German Lager20-30
Bock, Helles (Pale) Lager20-35
Brown Ale15-20
Brown Ale, American25-60
Brown Ale, English15-25
California Common33-45
Cream Ale Hybrid10-18
Dopplebock Lager17-27
Dortmunder/Export Lager23-29
Dunkel Lager16-25
English Mild14-20
English Old/Strong Ale30-40
Fruit Beer HybridVaries
German Hefeweizen10-16
Herb and Spice BeerVaries
Imperial Stout50-80
India Pale Ale (IPA)40-60
Kolsch Hybrid20-30
Light Ale10-15
Marzen/Octoberfest Lager22-28
Munich Dunkel Lager14-24
Munich Helles Lager18-25
Pale Ale, American20-40
Pale Ale. Classic20-40
Pale Ale, English20-40
Pilsner, Classic Lager35-45
Pilsner, Czech Lager35-43
Pilsner, German Lager30-40
Porter, Robust25-40
Scotch Strong Ale25-35
Scottish Brown5-20
Scottish Export15-20
Scottish Heavy12.17
Scottish Light Ale10-15
Smoked Beer20-30
Stout, Dry30-35
Stout, Sweet (Cream)15-25
Vienna Lager18-25

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IBU Information

The International Bittering Units scale (IBU) is a method of measuring the bitterness contributed to a beer from the introduction of hops during the brewing process. Bittering units are measured through the use of a spectrophotometer and solvent extraction. It is helpful to know what bittering levels are common for some typical beer styles in order to aid in their style duplication at home.