Homebrew Beer Brewing Pumps & Hoses

The Pump

The March Pump

March 809 Pump

The pump for this homebrew beer brewing system is a March 809HS designed for Beer, Beer, and More Beer (an Internet brewing equipment company). It has a polysulphone housing that is food grade and can easily withstand the temperatures present in this beer brewing environment. It is used to transfer the sparge water from the Hot Liquor Tun and also the wort from the Mash Tun to the Heat Exchange Coil. The instruction manual for it is in PDF format here. I have also included a 1/2″ brass check valve on the output side of the pump. This keeps a siphon from occurring during the sparging process. Surrounding the pump is a splash shield that is made from a sheet of bent aluminum. The head of the pump is waterproof but the body must be protected from liquids. I can’t stress enough the importance of shielding the pump. Keeping liquid from entering the cooling vents of the fan can extend its life and keep major damage from occurring. Since the pump is a fairly expensive part of the system, it only makes sense to try to prolong its life!

Quick Disconnect Beer Brewing Hoses

Female Quick Disconnect

Female Disconnect

All of the hoses that are used for this system incorporate the use of Quick Disconnects. This makes it very easy to use one pump in the system and to quickly change the configuration for the different brewing stages. The Quick Disconnects on each hose end are made with a 1/2″ hose barb to 1/2″ male npt connector followed by a 1/2″ female npt to 3/4″ hose male connector followed by a standard 3/4″ hose Quick Disconnect.


Male Quick Disconnects

Male Quick Disconnect

Male Disconnect

The male side of the Quick Disconnects that are used in this site are usually attached to some sort of copper tubing. This dictates that they be connected with a compression fitting of some sort. This particular example uses a 1/2″ compression to 1/2″ male npt followed by a 1/2″ female to 1/2″ male npt adapter followed by a 1/2″ female npt to 3/4″ hose connector followed by a standard 3/4″ male hose Quick Disconnect.