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Simple Homebrew
Phil Robins (HERMS)
Texanbrew (HERMS)
Chem Brew (HERMS)
Dion Hollenbeck’s Page (RIMS)
Rick Calley’s Beer Page (RIMS)
Denny Conn (Batch Sparge)
KVPBrewing (Great links, nice site, good recipes)
Longdog Brewery

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Homebrew Digest Forum
HomeBrewTalk Forum
BrewBoard Forum
Northern Brewer Forum Community


Brew Your Own
Brewing Techniques
All About Beer

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The Beer Essentials (My Local Homebrew Supply Store)
Beer, Beer, and More Beer
Northern Brewer
William’s Brewing
Blichmann Engineering
Dan Listermann

Beer Brewing Radio & Podcasts

The Brewing Network
Craft Beer Radio
Basic Brewing Radio

General Information

The Brewery
A Brief History of Beer in America
The Campaign for Real Ale

Michael Jackson (The Beer Hunter)
Association of Brewers
Norm Pyle’s Hops Frequently Asked Questions
Sources for Historical Brewing
John Palmer’s How to Brew

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