Mobile Responsive Website

Many visitors to this website have been coming here since 2004 when the site first went live. It has changed hosts numerous times and has been reformatted on several occasions. The latest version, however, marks one of the most significant changes to the site since its inception. The Powers Home Brewery website is now in a mobile responsive format and is designed to work correctly for nearly all the mobile devices that are on the market.

Mobile accessibility makes the information on this more readily available to viewers who use mobile phones, tablets, and desktop environments to browse the web. Additionally, nearly all the home beer brewing calculators on the website are designed to conform to the screen upon which they are viewed. I am very proud of this feature because I personally use most of the calculators on this site from my iPhone or iPad and it helps to have all form fields easily accessible.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, my main brewing calculator (HERE) is still in a non-responsive format. It currently has too much information and form fields to effectively convert. The mobile version of it can be found HERE but I find there is simply too much scrolling involved to make it really easy to utilize. Perhaps one day in the future I will convert it to utilize the PHP features that this website’s current host provides. Until then, enjoy what this website has to offer the homebrewing community.

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