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Homebrew HERMS System

The purpose of this website is to introduce some of the unique design elements of the Powers Home Brewery Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS). The following pages contain homebrew beer recipes, informative articles, and a variety of homebrew beer brewing calculators including The Powers Home Brewing Recipe Calculator which has been widely used by the homebrewing community since 2005. There is also a selection of photographs and information that illustrate the efficiency of this home beer brewing system.

This home brewery utilizes design elements from many different styles of RIMS, HERMS, and SMART brewery systems I have researched. The main difference with my homebrew beer brewing system is that it utilizes Gott/Rubbermaid coolers for the Mash Tun and the Hot Liquor Tun (HLT). I also utilize an electric hot water heater element in the Hot Liquor Tun to maintain temperature during the circulation of the wort and Brewing Heatsticks constructed from hot water heater elements to perform all of the kettle heating duties. Additionally, circulation of the wort only occurs when the temperature drops below my set point which makes this brewery a semi-intelligently electronically automated mash heating system.

This system has been in operation since 2004 and its design has been duplicated by homebrewers around the world countless times. Each hobbyist’s version incorporates something different into the design. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions regarding the site or the system in the Contact section or email me directly at: powersbrewery@comcast.net and don’t forget to send me pictures of your system if you choose to create something similar.